Slowing Down

Slowing Down

Raise your hand if you know you need to slow down, but just haven’t really allowed it to happen? If you did, I’m right there with you. This time of year is my busy season. I know it, I anticipate it, I fully experience the highs and lows of it. I’m in my element when photographing families though. But with it comes the everyday hustle of wearing many hats for this one-woman-show. To be honest, I’m barely keeping up by working after the kids are down and continuously reassessing my priorities. Don’t let the gloss of social media fool what is really going on behind the scenes for most of us. Any of this sound familiar?

Let’s face it, I’m a go getter. If you know about the Gallup Strengths Finder, Activator and Strategic are in my Top 5. Let’s do this, people! But the older I get, the more I consider other factors contributing to my wholeness. I think that is called wisdom, right?  Ever go back home to visit family and have the ‘ah-ha’ moment of understanding them better as an adult? Me too. Within that, I’ve come to understand how some of my family struggles with anxiety.

I’ve also been gifted those traits, thanks guys.

It’s in my nerves, but I get to choose how to navigate it in health.  The term ‘Slow Entrepreneur’ came to my attention this past year and it landed with me. Why is there so much cultural pressure to be in such a rush? Over and over, we see the hustle turn into burn out and poor quality of life. Guilty as I sit hunched over my computer until 1 AM working.

That. That right there is NOT it for me though. I will not settle there. The relationships I’m committed to with my children and my community take priority and saying ‘no’ is helping me say ‘yes’ to them. Yes, this is the busy season for me and it’s crazy. But it’s just a season. So, in order to practice slowing down, I’ve turned down work during my blocked out vacation time in order to breathe deeply. A puzzle, a hammock, room to dream and create.

I need it. We need it. So how are you committed to making that a reality in your life?

Recently, Sarah Magidoff from Made by Canopy shared a free resource to 3 secrets to Slow Entrepreneurship. If you are running a small business, I recommend downloading this guide today, it’s full of some good nuggets to help us wrap 2018 out on a high note.

This really has been a damn good year. Grateful.

Big hug,


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